The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush: What Makes It the Best Toilet Brush in the World?

It’s one of life’s most harrowing experiences: The struggle is real and disgusting toilets can ruin your day. Every time you sit down on the loo, you’ll be reminded of how unhygienic it is.

Introducing The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush: An innovative disposable toilet brush that has gained widespread usage in Australia, Canada, the United States, and Europe, helping families and individuals clean their toilets and bathrooms efficiently and hygienically.

The brush has been an instant hit with thousands of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

So what exactly does it do? We have compiled seven of the reasons The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush is one of the best toilet brushes on the market today.

1. It Comes with a New and Improved Design  
The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush is a new and improved version of regular toilet brushes. It reduces the spread of germs and bacteria by keeping your hands away from the toilet bowl as much as possible. The brush features a long, bowed handle, allowing you to reach into hard-to-reach places without touching anything and ensures easy cleaning. 

This innovative design allows you to remove stains without touching anything inside your toilet bowl, making it ideal for those with limited mobility, children, or anyone who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty while cleaning their bathroom. In addition, the Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush has a pleasing design that combines functionality with exceptional aesthetics.

2. Detachable Brushes and Storage  
One fantastic feature of the Star Stick toilet brushes is that the brushes are detachable. They do not hang on the handle of the toilet stick all the time. The brushes come with a storage box to keep them safe and organized. When you’re finished cleaning, you can either throw away the brush or put it back in its storage box by pushing the lever on the stick’s handle. Aside from being detachable, the brushes used in this toilet stick are preloaded with a toilet cleaning gel. Hence, users only need to get the brush wet, and it is ready to use. There is no need for any external bleach or toilet cleaning wash.

3. No Dripping 
When using the Star Stick toilet brush, there’s no need to worry about yucky stuff or water dripping on your hands. The Star Stick brush is a toilet brush that does not allow toilet water or other things to drip down the handle. You can immediately place the toilet stick where you want without waiting for it to dry since the brushes are detachable. The excuse of being irritated by toilet water dripping over your hands or on your way to replacing the stick is no longer a factor. It is goodbye to irritations and, yes, to better hygiene. 

4. Anti-Bacterial Cleaner
 You know your toilet and sink are home to thousands of bacteria, but did you know a toilet brush can harbor even more germs? The Star Stick’s anti-bacterial brushes, which are twice as effective as regular toilet brushes, will leave your toilet cleaner than ever. Aside from its anti-bacterial cleaning effect, the Star Stick toilet brush prevents cross-contamination of germs and bacteria with its zero-contact stick design. It cleans your toilet and eliminates bacteria while ensuring you do not come in contact with these harmful organisms. It guarantees eliminating 99.5% of germs and bacteria in your toilet. With this innovative toilet stick, we are heralding a dispensation of thorough and safe toilet cleaning. 

5. It Gives Your Toilet a Beautiful Look
If you are a minimalist, you probably don’t want too many clusters and items littering spaces in your home. This Star Stick and its brush storage box have ergonomic designs that make them fit into even the smallest spaces in your toilet. You do not have to worry that they will take up too much space. Interestingly, if you are concerned about maintaining the beautiful look of your toilet, this toilet stick’s sleek design will help you do that. You can leverage its white and blue design to add colour to any bathroom sink. 

6. Affordable
When a product presents several notable features, shoppers may suddenly grow cold feet because it is normal for suppliers to offer these products at high price tags. The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush is not in the category of high-quality products beyond the average shopper’s reach. The brush is pocket=friendly and affordable. The store offers amazing discounts and bundles for shoppers. In addition, shoppers can make 4 interest free payments when they use AfterPay, Klarna or Paypal. 

7. 30-Days Risk-Free Trial
The Star Stick store allows customers to enjoy a 30-day, risk-free trial during which they are at liberty to return the product and get back their money in full. It shows how confident they are in the fact that you will love this zero-contact toilet brush and never settle for another brush. If you are unhappy with the product or experience a problem, you can return it within 30 days and get a full refund—no questions asked, no offence taken. Furthermore, the store offers free shipping and returns on all orders. You do not have to pay for the shipping of orders, nor do you get to pay when returning the product. You will surely find the Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush a fantastic product to help you save time and effort while keeping your toilet clean. 

See what people worldwide are saying about The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush.

This is the best toilet brush out. So easy to use, no disgusting toilet brush sitting beside the toilet, just a neat little caddy instead. So impressed. Will recommend to friends and family. - Annie W. 

I brought the two brushes with 8 refills each to try. I opened one and used it. I was impressed immediately. My favourite part was the hygienic level it created in a bathroom.  - John P

A friend who previously worked as a professional cleaner for years recently visited, she asked what the fancy-looking thing on top of my toilet was, so I told her and showed her how it works. She was very impressed, so much that when she left, she took my second brush with refills home for her house to have a cleaner alternative than a “typical” toilet brush. You have won both of us. - Sheree M. 

I love that the cleaning agent is in the sponge. No more toilet cleaning liquid or bleach is required. - Peta B. 

I love that the cleaning agent is in the sponge. No more toilet cleaning liquid or bleach is required. - Peta B. 

I just started using The Star Stick, and I love it! Traditional toilet brushes are gross, so when I saw the Star Stick, I had to try it. It did not disappoint! It makes cleaning the toilet a lot better. So glad I purchased 3 (one for my daughter) and the 64 brush head refills. - Tammy B. 

Where Can You Get The Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush? To get the Star Stick Zero Contact Toilet Brush, head to the product page by clicking HERE and by visiting the website Take advantage of the amazing discount the store offers or the interest-free payment offer.